Sun City Center Trivia


With regard to crime, Sun City Center is the safest community in the County. The largest volunteer organization is the Security Patrol with 1,500 members. Each member devotes 3 hours a month to patrolling the community in a radio equipped squad car. We have a Deputy Sheriff assigned to our community.

The Emergency Squad has about 300 members of which about half provide support services while the other half make daily runs taking patients to different medical facilities here and in Tampa and also provide emergency transportation to the Hospital. They are divided into eight teams which means that a member is on duty every eight days for part of a 24-hour period. In case of an emergency, they can be at your doorstep within 2 or 3 minutes, day or night. Of all the volunteer organizations in SCC, these folks are assured stars in the crowns when they get to the Pearly Gates. Never have so many owed so much to so few.

Sixty percent of the residents are snowbirds. They arrive here starting in October and go back north just after Easter. A fair number of the snowbirds are Canadians.

Golf carts are allowed on all streets and may cross Route 674 at certain traffic lights.

There are a lot of bad drivers here. Many can't see to drive at night.

Residents show up early for meetings. Hence the saying: "If you're on time in Sun City Center, you're probably half-an-hour late!"

Residents do not consider Sun City Center to be their home. Home is where they came from up north. A lot of residents put their last up north license plate on their golf cart.

When Sun City Center began in the early 1960's, the residents had a sense of being pioneers. There were a lot of block and cocktail parties. Nowadays, a lot of people don't know the people on their street other than their next door neighbors.

After a couple days of heavy rains (like 12 inches of water) a few streets flood but no homes. Any streets that do flood are usually clear within a few hours.

The community is very patriotic. Many of the men and women served in World War II.

The majority of residents are Republicans.

Sun City Center is set within an agricultural area. The moment you exit SCC, you are in a rural area with fields of crops or cattle.

People get up very early here (like 5am) and go to bed early (like by 9pm).

Many of the early retirees are not as well off as the more recent arrivals. One of Del Webbs concepts in the early 1960's was that people could live here on their Social Security. Nowadays, that's pretty tough.

Sun City Center is very white! Out of 8,700 residents, less than half-a-dozen are negro. This is not due to racism. I presume that this is because in the early 1960's negroes couldn't afford to live here and now many of them would be as uncomfortable living among so many whites as I would be living in Harlem. (Along this same line, I found it interesting that there is a retirement community somewhere in Florida that is being specifically marketed to wealthy Chinese! How's that for taking the retirement community concept one step further...)

There is a great amount of talent and knowledge here - both artistic and scientific. I make it a point to ask everyone I meet: "What did you do before you retired?" I never cease to be amazed at the answers.

It has never gotten above 100-degrees in Sun City Center! Humidity? Yes! Temperature? No!

There are no cemeteries in Sun City Center. Until recently there were no funeral homes. Now there is one. The two biggest air cargo shipments out of Tampa Airport are tropical fish and caskets.

The churches are well attended. Most of them have very good organists and choirs. The Lutheran minister preaches the best sermon whilst the Methodists have the softest seats.

Dogs do not run loose. People clean up after their pets.

There is an RV parking lot, but there is a waiting list for a space.

It is very quiet here, except near the golf courses. There are no children, squealing tires or motor cycles.

When we first moved here, someone told us that we should get out of Sun City Center at least once a week just to remember what the real world is like.

During meetings, people get up and walk out when their attention span runs out. I haven't seen anyone do that yet at a funeral service, but it wouldn't surprise me.

At concerts, people talk out loud. I guess they think they're at home watching TV.

Twenty percent of the residents do eighty percent of the volunteer work.

The residents take great pride in how their lawns and landscaping looks.

There are lots of little lizards here! They eat bugs! I think they're neat!