Backflow Valve Controversy
Media Coverage


September 20, 2007:

County's Cross Connection Ordinance Draws More Fire - Observer News.

September 20, 2007:

Hillsborough Neighbors Find Water System Successes Easier - Observer News.

September 14, 2007:

Some May Get A Break For Plumbing - St. Petersburg Times.

August 31, 2007:

Pressure Rises In Backflow Valve Fight - St. Petersburg Times.

August 9, 2007:

Some Elected Officials Take Lead In Resolving Backflow Controversy - Observer News.

July 19, 2007:

Backflow Valve Controversy Raining Unanswered Questions - Observer News.

June 28, 2007:

County Beginning To Enforce Expensive Mandate In South Hillsborough - Observer News.


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