Middle Lake Fishkill Cleanup

In January 2010, our area experienced a week of temperatures in the 20's and 30's. This caused the lake water to drop below 50 degrees which caused two species of tropical fish (Tilapia and Plecostomus) in the lake to die. The lake residents, along with the help of some friends, responded by collecting, bagging and hauling over 15 tons of the dead fish out to the curb for pickup by a trash hauler. The concern was that if they were just allowed to sink back to the bottom, their decaying would deplete the oxygen and hurt the game fish that the Association stocks into the lake for its members.

The project was organized by Ken Payson and Gary Heller.

Our thanks to the many residents who love Middle Lake and volunteered their time and aching muscles to see this project through!

The evening before!
(Photos by Dave Brown)

Would you buy a used car from these guys?
Valley Forge at Danbury.
(Photo by Pat Masterson)

The project starts!
(Photos by Gary Heller)

Busy Town!
West Del Webb at Burlington.
(Photos by Dave Brown)

West Del Webb at Milford.

The end is in sight!
Bunker Hill at Valley Forge.
(Photos by Athena Wilder and Antwan Reed)

Taylor & Tom with 1-800-GOT-JUNK finish the job!
(Photos by Dave Brown)


Mike Goynes who lives across Del Webb Blvd. came over and took some photos which he posted on his own website. Click here to visit his website.


Click here to visit a website with hundreds of recipes that use tilapia.


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