"Backflow Valve Status" is no longer available!

The Florida Department of Environment Protection (DEP) is in the process of revising Sections 62-555.330, 62-555.335 & 62-555.360 of the Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) which deal with backflow valves. The DEP held several workshops around the state in 2009 to gather input. Since then, nothing has happened. The revisions have now been re-scheduled for completion in 2012-2013.

In view of the following facts, I have decided to stand-down the detailed content of this page for the moment.

  • Reduced-pressure Principle backflow valves (RP – formerly known as RPZ) and Double Check backflow valves (DC) provide direct access into the public drinking water supply.

  • RP and DC Test Port Locks, intended to prevent access to the public drinking water supply, are easily circumvented.

  • We have a federalist system of government in our country, which means that federal laws trump everything!

  • A number of federal anti-terrorism laws, like the Bioterrorism Act, the Patriot Act and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, prohibit infrastructure devices that provide direct access to the public drinking water supply by a terrorist. This would include RPs and DCs.

  • The American Water Works Association (AWWA) publishes “Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control, AWWA Manual M14” (M14). The manual, M14, condones the use of RPs and DCs, which is in direct conflict with a number of federal anti-terrorism laws. AWWA staff has acknowledged that “one sociopath who understands hydraulics and has access to a drum of toxic chemicals could inflict serious damage pretty quickly to a water supply system in a neighborhood or pressure zone without detection in most communities.”

  • The DEP is well aware of the dangers of RP and DC valves, given that their own Drinking Water Section Administrator, Van Hoofnagle, who is involved with revising the current rules, had me “referred” to law enforcement for publicizing the dangers of these two types of valves in residential areas. And John Sowerby, his assistant, has noted the liability of utilities when backflow incidents do occur.

  • When there are several available devices, the Florida Statutes at 120.52(8)(f) & 120.54(1)(d), mandate that an agency, such as the DEP, can only specify the one least costly of the alternatives.

  • The DEP has acknowledged that a third type of backflow valve, the Dual Check (DuC) is acceptable for residential backflow protection.

  • Because of their simplicity, Dual Checks are more reliable, cost less and do not provide access to the public drinking water supply.

  • The Florida Statutes in Section 120 provide for proposed regulations to be challenged through the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) on either the factual basis for the regulations or for any laws that they violate. The DEP can rest assured that if they stray outside of their mandate to specify only the one least costly backflow valve in 62-555, the DOAH will be called upon to invalidate the DEP’s regulations.

  • With the knowledge that the DEP’s Drinking Water Administrator has already exhibited that RPs and DCs are dangerous, it would seem like sheer folly and an intentional waste of state resources for DEP’s regulations to specify anything more than Dual Check backflow valves.

  • President Obama’s amateurish foreign policy of appeasement has not only resulted in the death of a U.S. Ambassador and others, but has now greatly increased the activities of those who would do us harm. Bob Vincent with the Department of Health has noted that terrorist “have no doubt already conceived of this procedure [of over-pressuring biotoxins and deadly chemicals back into the public drinking water supply].”

So, for the time being, this website’s detailed information about the vulnerability and use of residential RPs and DCs to contaminate Florida’s public drinking water systems is being suspended.

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