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Above-the-ground Backflow Valves violate a number of federal & state anti-terrorism laws and a number of federal & state safe drinking water laws. These valves provide direct access into a community's drinking water system for terrorists to contaminate a community's drinking water system using easily available chemicals and bio-toxins. And if the valves are located on private property, they also violate the homeowner's Due Process under both federal & state Constitutions.

The photograph on the left is an enlarged view of the basic Dual Check valve approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for residential backflow protection. It is inexpensive, reliable and tamper-proof. Palm Beach County has been successfully using them for many years in their residential areas. Hillsborough County is in the process of replacing all residential RP's (but sadly, not commercial RP's) with Dual Checks.

The valve in the middle is a Double Check valve and the valve on the right is a Reduced Pressure Zone (RP & RPZ) valve. The red arrows in the photographs indicate the Test Ports that provide terorists with direct access into a public drinking water system via these valves. Although these Ports make the valves "testable", they just happen to be the very same Test Ports that a terrorist, disgruntled person, prankster or even some high-school kids could (will) easily use to over-pressure a contaminate back into the public drinking water supply to contaminate the water going into a particular residence, apartment complex, office building, school or military complex. The RP is the most expensive because of its complexity and maintenance. And because of its expense, it is the most attractive to plumbers and particularly government officials looking for a civil service bonus (kickback) for mandating its use. There is a device called a test port lock that is supposed to prevent tampering via the Test Ports. But click here to see how easily the lock is overcome with a drop of Super Glue.

This website is directed to local water officials & federal anti-terrorism officials who are charged with preventing homegrown terrorist activities that will bring harm to citizens. It is hoped these responsible officials will determine that Double Check and RP (Reduced Pressure) backflow valves do violate federal anti-terrorism laws and will act to prohibit them in local regulations.

And this website is directed to military base commanders who are responsible for protecting their base's drinking water infrastructure from terrorist attacks. The possible harm that can come from a lone terrorist's contaminating a base's drinking water supply from outside the base through residential and commercial Double Check and RP (Reduced Pressure) backflow valves far exceeds what happened on 9/11!

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Here are links to videos showing different ways to contaminate the drinking water supply using a valve with four test ports like the Double Check. There are other valves that also have four test ports which allow for the contamination of the drinking water supply.

As you view these videos, please bear in mind that I'm just the messenger...

This web page was specifically created to provide information to government officials of federal agencies, like the FBI and Homeland Security, who are concerned with potential terrorist threats to the United States.

However, with your knowledge and after watching the videos, do you believe that Double Check valves violate any of the following laws (and maybe some others) because they provide terrorists with direct access into communities' public drinking water systems?

  • 18 U.S.C. � 2339A -- Providing material support to terrorists.
  • 18 U.S.C. � 175 -- Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons.
  • P.L. 107�188 -- The Bioterrorism Act.
  • 18 U.S.C. � 175c -- Direct transfer of Variola virus.
  • 42 U.S.C. � 5195 -- The Critical Infrastructures Protection Act.
  • P.L. 107-56 � 1016 -- The Patriot Act.
  • 42 U.S.C. � 300i-1-- Tampering with Public Water Systems.

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